3- POEMS – The Big Boss, You and Me ,Dream

           The Big Boss

People say we are free,

but i just do not agree,

to work under some one .

All the time,it surely a crime

But someone is the big boss,

Someone who has won the toss Who is he ?

Neither you nor me,

He cannot be over powered ,

Even if he is kicked  or  with  Flowers showered 

Don’t you get tired or board of him ?

About bearing him ,i can say i’am already full to brim,

But who is he ?

Neither you nor me,

It is the big boss ‘TIME’

And you cannot by him for A dollar,a rupee or a pound


                                    YOU AND ME                                         

                                             I have called you several times 

                                            but where were you ?

i have written many times

but you didn’t replay ,

i have seen you many times

but you never looked at me 

i have stood before you many times

but you did not notice me 

i had bothered a lot about you 

but you were unaware of it,

i have enjoyed the dreams about you,

but i was not there in your dreams ,

i have made a colorful picture of you 

but the artist in you made a faded picture of me 

I have searched all around for you 

but even your shadow was not there 

I have followed in your foot steps for a long way 

but i could  not trace you 

I have a bit of hope about you 

but i know you won’t come to me 

i continue my search for you 

but you can’t comprehend why ?

i have to answer that question instead 

but will you understand that why ? 


Those colorful dreams are my weakness 

And unfulfilled are my sorrows

Not it was bought or seized 

it has the vivid color of my blood 

That which i falls to perform before a crowed .

And acts that were curbed by all 

pal of my soul could perform and act 

Victorious flag and trumpets were witnessed by me 

i slipped into a dreamful wonderland 

Where i saw Adam and Eve 

When i addressed them as my parents 

They laughed at me vaguely 

Though their blood was in my vein 

They alleged me as a murderer 

For their questions about destruction of man by man

I have to accuse them for their first sin

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